Careers in Energy

Careers in Energy

The following web sites have excellent information about careers in energy:

College Afford Ability Guide
Here is a group who want to choose the college that’s right for you.  The team at College Afford Ability Guide ( analyzed government-collected data on the 5,000+ colleges and universities in the US to find the ones that are both financially accessible for low-income students and have a track record of positive student outcomes. Their methodology ( ) is based on the idea that paying income-appropriate tuition, completing one’s studies, and being able to pay back one’s loans are the key factors of a worthwhile college experience.

Green Jobs

If you are unsure of what careers you might be interested in here is a place to go and see what different career paths can lead you to, what degrees are helpful for different jobs, and what the median pay is. So try out Learn How to Become.

When you are looking for a scholarship here is a good place to go. The people at have put together a listing of the The Best Scholarship Search Platforms of 2017 for you to find that scholarship to help with your education.  They also include their methodology, which I am always a fan of.

Here is a good outline of some green careers and how much the pay: Go Green Accredited Online Schools

Help with choosing a career in all types of engineering.

How to prepare for a career in energy.

Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program

The following sites are from National Energy Education Development Department:

Society of Petroleum Engineers: Great resources on careers in the energy industry.

American Nuclear Society: Great resources on nuclear energy and careers in the nuclear industry.

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Links to the Occupational Outlook Handbook and Career Guide to Industries, two U.S. Government publications that provide information and statistics for all areas of labor in America.

The Canadian Centre for Energy: Great Careers in Energy section for descriptions of occupations in the energy industry, including management, professional, technical, sales and service, trades and laborers.

Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS): Dedicated to exciting young people about careers in engineering. The JETS website includes resources, newsletters, articles, and activities about engineering and technology careers.

American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers

Check out NEED’s Career Currents newsletter for more information on careers in the energy industry.