Home Energy Conservation for Kids

Here is a great article that talks about the importance of children being involved in energy conservation.  First off kids can make a difference and bring about long term, positive changes.  I know this because I did it.  I made my parents recycle for 18 years. I was the one telling them what to recycle, getting items out of the trash to recycle, bundling up cans to take, and cutting up plastic soda can holders.  Because of what I did, when I went off to college my parents continued to recycle.

Second, there are many smart, ambitious, and capable kids that I get to interact with who are passionate about energy conservation and management.  There is a great local pre k school I work with that has many recycle and compost programs.  Or a great elementary school up in Rochester, New York.  And if you ever get the chance to go to the student presentations from The Conrad Foundation, you’ll be buoyed with hope for the next generation.  Our kids are smart

And that’s our (us adults) call to action.  We have to pass on a passion of curiosity and leaning to all the kids we interact with.  It takes only a word or two to convey the wonder of nature.  Or to show science and engineering in action using a few house hold items (stuffed animals, puzzle pieces, memory game pieces, etc).  I have a young niece that I’m passing on my sense of curiosity and wonder in the world to.  It’s a joy to watch here interacted with butterflies, or have her point out a dinosaur to me, and even to hear her do math.

So, kids, don’t be shy about asking questions or coming up with projects to save world.  Bully for you.  Adults – support the kids.  Listen to their plans.  Help them refine it and then help them make it a reality.  A side benefit to doing all this, being involved in a community, is that you are up and doing things, not just sitting around watching TV alone, so your electric bill goes down.  Hmmm …. Help encourage a new generation to be better, find meaningful and worth wild projects to invest in, and save money.

Below are some good links to help get the kids started.  They are good for adults as well

  • Energy Star Kids: Pick an energy-saving activity on the Energy Star website for kids. On this page, kids can learn fun facts or the definition of global warming with a click of the mouse. Kids can also choose to learn how they can make changes to help the environment.
  • Saving Energy: The California Energy Commission has great tips on how to save energy when at home. On this page, there is also information on how to save energy when not at home and how to recycle.
  • Energy Kids – Saving Energy: The difference between energy conservation and energy efficiency is explained.
  • Use Less Energy: Click this link for great advice on saving energy. On the page, there are more links to further information about the subject.
  • Climate Kids – What Can We Do to Help?: The Climate Kids website is a NASA website. On this page, read about ways that kids can help protect the environment, reduce their carbon footprint by saving energy, and reduce their trash pile and water use.
  • Lights Out the Energy Saving Game: By clicking on this link, kids are opening an online game about saving energy. Instructions on how to play are also found on this page.
  • How You Can Save Energy: Find out how kids and their families can use less energy. This Tennessee Valley Authority article includes links to other websites about energy and energy conservation.
  • Top Ten Rules for Saving Energy: Rules can make it easy for the whole family to save energy in the home. Click on this link to read ten helpful rules on saving household energy.
  • Zoo America – Kids Conserve: Zoo America wants to teach kids how to help protect the environment. This page gives tips on saving energy, conserving water, and other advice, including recycling.
  • Just for Kids – Conserving Energy: Lighting: Kids can learn about conserving energy by using lighting correctly. On this page, there are also additional links to energy conservation tips that involve appliances and carpooling, for example.
  • Energy Saving Tips: Kids can get great tips on how to save energy while at home and while at school. Click on this link to read these easy-to-remember tips from the Ann Arbor Public Schools.
  • What You Can Do – Energy Saving Tips for Kids: Click on this link to read a PDF about how kids can help the environment by saving energy. This page also talks about climate change, what it is, and why it’s serious.
  • How Energy Efficient Are You?: This link opens up a fun quiz where kids can learn how well they save energy. The game also gives tips on how kids can save energy even more!
  • Energy Experience – Save Energy: Click on this link for an interactive game that teaches what wastes energy and how to fix it. Play the game by clicking on items in the room that may be wasting energy.
  • Energy Tips for Kids: On this page, kids can learn ways to conserve energy. The page reviews activities that kids can participate in other than watching television. Tips for the whole family and ways to save water are also on this page.
  • Kids Korner – Energy Efficiency: Kids who click on this link will learn what it means to be energy-efficient. They’ll also learn about ways that they can be efficient every day.

Read more: http://www.homeadvisor.com/article.show.Home-Energy-Conservation-for-Kids.17356.html#ixzz3dzmUQ3yi