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HMNS Lecture & Tour – Inauguration of Wiess Energy Hall 3.0 by Paul Bernhard

November 21, 2017, 6:30 pm

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HMNS Lecture – The Global Energy Scene: Some things you might not read in the “Times” by Scott Tinker

November 28, 2017, 7:00 pm · Wortham Giant Screen Theatre

Over the past few decades, a story of “good” and “bad” energy has evolved: renewable good, fossil and nuclear bad. School kids are taught “facts” about energy that sometimes violate economic and even physical principles. Passionate online voices, and even national newspapers, present “ideal world” opinions without fully understanding the upsides and downsides of those scenarios. Dr. Scott Tinker of the Bureau of Economic Geology will present a few global-energy realities that you are unlikely to read in the “Times” and pose a few questions whose answers might challenge what you think you know. As Mark Twain is credited with saying, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” As the United States considers its position in energy, it is vital to understand the actual facts, real costs and benefits, and true global implications of various policies in order to minimize politics and maximize lasting impact. Tinker will review the considerations–from climate and carbon, to poverty and immigration, to renewable energy and reregulation of electricity markets. For more info click here.